Attractive operating conditions are a key requirement for competitive aviation activities – at the same time, aviation contributes to the attractiveness of Switzerland as a business location. The Swiss International Airports Association (SIAA) therefore works with other organisations to ensure the competitiveness of the Swiss economy.


ACI EUROPE is the European arm of Airports Council International, the worldwide association of airport operators. ACI EUROPE represents over 450 airports in 44 European countries.


This umbrella association was founded in 1968 to represent the interests of Swiss civil aviation and aerospace organisations. It represents all bodies with a general or commercial interest in maintaining and developing the Swiss aviation and aerospace industry.

Association en Faveur de l'Aéroport de Genève-Cointrin (A.G.C.)

The Association en faveur de l'Aéroport de Genève-Cointrin (AGC) (Pro Geneva Cointrin Airport Association) was established in 1974 under the aegis of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Geneva and the Geneva Tourist Board. Its aim is to demonstrate and reinforce the importance of a modern, efficient airport for socio-economic activity in Geneva and throughout the region.

Associazione passeggeri aerei della Svizzera Italiana (ASPASI)

Established in Lugano in 1983, ASPASI - Associazione Passeggeri Aerei della Svizzera Italiana (Aviation Passenger Association of Italian-speaking Switzerland) – promotes the interests and rights of airline passengers from Italian-speaking Switzerland and works to achieve efficient and environmentally friendly development of scheduled air traffic to and from Ticino and of related services, both in the interests of the passengers and of the economy of Italian-speaking Switzerland.

Board of Airline Representatives in Switzerland

The Board of Airline Representatives in Switzerland (B.A.R.) is a partnership of airlines who operate scheduled flights from and to Switzerland and/or who are represented by a sales office in Switzerland.


The largest umbrella organisation for Swiss industry represents the interests of business in the political process and seeks to ensure an optimum regulatory environment. Its members include 100 trade and industry associations, 20 cantonal chambers of commerce and several individual companies.

IG AirCargo Switzerland

The Interest Group Air Cargo Switzerland promotes the Swiss air cargo industry. Its vision is to establish and develop a leading European air cargo system underpinned by traditional values such as quality and reliability.

Interessengesellschaft Berner Luftverkehr (IGBL)

IGBL promotes the acceptance of Berne-based air traffic and Berne Airport as a key location factor and engine for economic and touristic development in the region. It also contributes to coordinating the needs of flight operations with environmental protection concerns in the public interest.

IG Flughafen Zürich

The main task of IG Flughafen Zürich - established in 1990 – is to preserve and promote Zurich Airport as an efficient base for Swiss, European, and intercontinental air traffic. It works to develop this key employment location and to ensure that Zurich Airport is both strong and geared to demand.

IG Luftverkehr Basel

As a partner of EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, IG Luftverkehr Basel works to defend the interests of aviation service users and aims to promote and develop air traffic to and from EuroAirport. It represents the interests of air passengers in the region vis-à-vis airlines, airports and the authorities.

Komitee "Weltoffenes Zürich"

The "Weltoffenes Zürich" committee, established in 1968, comprises entrepreneurs, business leaders and experts with a proven track record. The committee works to ensure the continuous improvement of Zurich's international accessibility and calls for operating conditions that support the international competitiveness of companies in the greater Zurich area. The committee reinforces public approval of key traffic infrastructures such as the airport and rail network.

Pro Flughafen

Pro Flughafen has campaigned for Zurich Airport for over 70 years. Pro Flughafen supports those initiatives that promote understanding for the economic importance of Zurich Airport and works to ensure demand-led development of the airport infrastructure.

Swiss Tourism Federation

The Swiss Tourism Federation STF is the umbrella organisation of the Swiss tourism industry and represents the interests of tourism service providers to the government, the authorities and the public. The STF promotes quality and innovation.