New rules for ground crew

On 14 June 2013, the Federal Council approved an amendment to the 2nd ordinance (ArGV2) under the Swiss Employment Act (Arbeitsgesetz) which sets out new rules for aviation ground crew. The new provision specifies a minimum of 18 free Sundays, provided that certain conditions are met. The amendment comes into force on 1 August 2013. SIAA has announced its support for the new rules.

The new proposal emerged from motion 10.3508 (free Sundays and equal treatment for companies employing ground personnel) submitted on 17 June 2010 on the initiative of National Council member Jean-René Germanier and subsequent negotiations with key social partners for the aviation ground crew sector.

The aim of the motion was to enable airports to operate on busy weekends, provide sufficient staff, and put the airlines on an equal footing with respect to the rules governing free Sundays.

The new article 12 paragraph 1bis of ArGV2 prescribes a minimum of 18 free Sundays per calendar year. In return, twelve times a year employees must be guaranteed a rest period of at least 59 contiguous hours across a whole Saturday and Sunday.